Board of Directors

Message From Our Team

The goal of Central PA IEC is to promote the electrical construction industry through education and training, support of merit shop contracting, and promotion of the electrical trades as a viable career path. To grow our industry, we are dedicated to free enterprise values, excellence in safety and quality of training, and a commitment to integrity and ethics. We strive for exceptional performance in construction, business, and education.

Current President

Todd Runkle,

ElecTech Contracting

Past President

Robert Bell, 

Hull’s Electric Service Inc.

Vice President

Mike Gaffney,

Gaffney’s Electrical Contracting


Bill Rehmeyer,

John E. Fullerton, Inc.


Bruce Seilhammer,


Contractor Board Members At Large

Jere Lowe,


Mike Heffner, 


Associate Board Members At Large

Mark Henry,

Mark Henry Inc.

Chris Schaffer,

Pollart Electrical Sales



Chapter Staff

Marissa Bankert,

Executive Director

Kristi Wickard,

Apprenticeship Coordinator


"When I started utilizing the Central PA IEC I was amazed at the amount of resources that became available to me. They have an incredibly motivated staff that work together to provide an excellent service to the industry and the communities they serve. If your interested in the electrical industry, I highly recommend the Central PA IEC!!!!"
Tim H.
5-Star Google Review